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Relaxing Counseling Room Mental Health

Low Fee Therapy

Accessing mental health services can be a difficult process.


Clients who are uninsured, underinsured, or would prefer to pay out of pocket for therapy will benefit from working with a graduate level intern.


Fees range from $25-65 a session. These clinicians are directly supervised by Rikki Ford and are part of graduate level counseling programs.

Soft Therapy Room

Lyla Connolly

To connect with Lyla, you may request an appointment below or email her at You may also reach out to Rikki with questions or concerns.



Soft Therapy Room

Lyla is a Clinical Mental Health Master's level student Northwestern University. Through her
experience as a health coach and counseling student, Lyla has developed a holistic view of
mental health that draws upon the mind-body connection. She operates from an integrative
psychodynamic approach that addresses the underlying root causes of challenging emotions,
thoughts, and behaviors. She works with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, life
transitions, disordered eating, and relationships. In sessions, Lyla creates a warm, compassionate
space for clients to engage in self-exploration, reconnect with their values, and take actions
towards a more meaningful life. Most importantly, Lyla prioritizes building a trusting, authentic
relationship with each client as the therapeutic relationship is central to the overall effectiveness
of therapy.

You may request an initial appointment with Lyla by email at You may also contact Rikki Ford at  215-605-9136 or with any additional questions or concerns.

Have Additional Questions?

Rikki Ford LPC MFT- Licensed Professional Counselor & Family Therapist
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